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"Our grains are sourced sustainably. Eat responsibly."
"Our grains are sourced sustainably. Eat responsibly."
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Certified Organics

Rajamudi is Known for traditional, Quality, and organic products.

Curated Selections by Rajamudi - "The essence of soil"

"Discover the Gem in Tradition's Treasure."

"Blending Tradition with Technology: Authenticity Certified, Quality Assured."

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Good products, good service, packaging also was more than satisfactory.. I would recommend this to everyone looking to be healthier and more organic. One of the best rice i've ever tasted. Extremely soft and flavourable, with added health benefits compared to the regular rice made my family to totally shift over to rajamudi should definitely try this product !!

Hemanth Kumar M

Very good product and best quality.Packing is very good .👍

Vikas Hegde


Feels fresh and organic with a punchy flavour to it.

Harsath Kumar

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    Rajamudi Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil

    Rajamudi Wood-Pressed Groundnut Oil : At first, one of the significant Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil benefits are apparent – it's more natural and less reused. Hence, it's naturally healthier than refined groundnut oils. Plus, it'll also contain a more decadent and...

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    Rajamudi Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil

    About Coconut Seeds! Coconut Seeds, or Copra Seeds, are a comestible Seeds uprooted from the kernel or meat of progressed coconuts gathered from the coconut win. Coconut seeds pressed in traditional rustic manufactories have been used for cuisine and as a...

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    Rajamudi Wood-pressed Safflower Oil

    About Rajamudi Wood-pressed Safflower Oil All the Oils at Rajamudi are uprooted using traditional wood-pressed fashion, precluding any heat generation in the process. The Oil-seeds are hand-picked and dried under the Sun and crushed in Wooden Ghani, and this Oil...

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