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About Rajmudi Organics Pvt Ltd


Rajamudi Organics Pvt Ltd founded in 2022, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka and is run by a team of passionate individuals and Farmers whose purposes are to promote good health and happiness. At the heart of our business lies our desire to make the nation a healthier place, with our Hand-made products by our Indian Farmers Right from the sourcing of ingredients to Packaging, we ensure that everything we do contributes to our farmers and people of the country.

      rajamudi rice, cooking oils, coconut oils, groundnut oils, wood-pressed oils, niger oil, black seasme oil, safflower oil, castor oil, flax seed oil                                



rajamudi rice, oils, cooking oil, castor oil, niger oil, safflower oil, flax-seed oil, wood pressed oils

We specialise in producing natural, organic and healthy food products which are free from harmful fertilisers and chemicals. All our products are sourced and made in Karnataka, India and we are proud to work for the betterment of the local farmers involved in the procurement and manufacture of the products. We make sure all the workers on field get all the benefits and facilities for their hard-work.



           rajamudi, wood-pressed oils, rice, rajamudi rice, cooking oils, coconut oil, groundnut oil, black seasme oil, castor oil, niger oil, safflower oil


Main step in our business is to reward our nations farmers for their hard work in producing natural, chemical free crops. Rajamudi has strong bonding's with local farmers who cultivate large sectors of land in several areas of Karnataka. Our each product is made with love, care and a passion to make the nation healthy.


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