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Purest Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals: Nature's Salt Symphony (Sendha Namak)

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Dive into the pristine essence of nature with our Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals. Harvested from ancient sea salt deposits nestled deep within the majestic Himalayan mountains, each crystal is a testament to unadulterated purity. This salt has journeyed through time, capturing minerals and natural goodness within its crystalline structure. With a delicate pink hue, our Himalayan salt isn't just about taste, but an experience that brings a piece of the Himalayas right to your dining table.


  1. Rich in Minerals: Contains 84 essential trace minerals and elements that are beneficial for the body.
  2. Unrefined Purity: No additives, bleaches, or artificial flavors; just pure salt in its natural form.
  3. Enhanced Flavor Profile: A more nuanced flavor compared to regular table salt, it accentuates the taste of your dishes.
  4. Natural Detoxifier: When used in baths, it can draw out impurities and provide therapeutic benefits.
  5. Balanced pH Levels: Can help balance your body's pH levels due to its mineral content.
  6. Eco-friendly Packaging: Our commitment to nature goes beyond the product; even our packaging is sustainable.